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We appreciate you dropping by to hear about the exciting new products in the refrigerated section of your local grocer, inspired by the exotic flavors from south of the border.

We have taken MEXICAN Food and premiumized it to bring you the best of Mexico - with the highest level of quality produce and fresh ingredients.  Our chefs put together an array of traditional Mexican food flavors and recipes without any corner cutting.  At AY-CHIWAWA Fresh, we want those with discerning taste to experience the ULTIMATE in flavor.

With our creative, NEWLY developed dip line, what you see, is what you get! This means we use no fillers nor sneak in any extenders. Though we love HOT & SPICY, our current creations are MILD and tasty.  You can truly experience the broad layers of superior food components that are combined with fine aromatic herbs and spices full of flavor.  These exuberant native ingredients are rich in highly nutritional properties!!

So come on in, and buen provecho!!!

Salsas Ay Chiwawa History and tradition Salsas Ay Chiwawa History and tradition

History and Tradition ...

Mexican cuisine is a unique blend of flavors, textures and aromas, combining exotic native ingredients from the land of Aztecs and Mayas with culinary traditions brought by the Spaniards from the Old World.

We have taken the best from the long evolving history of the ancients and of the great Mexican haciendas along with the influences of the US Southwest and Tex-Mex fusion cuisine of today's bistros to bring you great, new and exciting delights to enjoy in your own home.

Ay Chiwawa Fresh's mission is to bring this authentic tradition to your local grocery store.

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Our Products

For a great well rounded array of the most amazing AUTHENTIC Mexican & Mediteranean flavors in Upscale spreads, dips & roasted salsas, go ahead and check these out:

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Roasted Salsas Ay Chiwawa

Roasted Salsas

The Spanish word Salsa literally translates as “sauce” even though most Americans traditionally think of the sauce on the table at their favorite Mexican restaurant when they hear the word.
For years salsa has officially been the favorite American condiment bypassing ketchup years ago. One bite of our artisan fire roasted salsa will make you forget the thick gloppy mess of red that is known as jarred salsa.
Salsa it's not just for chips anymore. Think outside the box and serve it as a dip for raw veggies, over meats, fish, vegetables, and on top of eggs.

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Guacamoles Ay Chiwawa


Ay Chiwawa Fresh proudly offers the freshest of the fresh in guacamole. Beginning with hand selected avocados, direct from the groves, we prepare only the highest quality HASS avocados, adding just the right blend of herbs and spices to give to you a preservative-free guacamole that stays fresh longer. We are able to accomplish this through our HPP (High Pressure Processing) system. This, in essence, is a “cold pasteurization” which leaves the guacamole with a longer shelf life and a much more natural guacamole for you to enjoy.

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Assorted Premium Dips Ay Chiwawa

Assorted Premium Dips

Our passion is to bring authentic flavors to the market in new and innovative ways. Ay Chiwawa Fresh has created these mouth-watering treats that bring together genuine taste and nutritional goodness. We start with the basics and then kick it up a notch or two! Our Ole Frijole is not merely refried black beans but it incorporates soy chorizo and a mojo de ajo (garlic sauce) to enhance the fullbodiness of the dip as it explodes on your taste buds. Each of the dips has its unique twist to make it a delightful treat.

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Salsas Hummus Ay Chiwawa


Although we are not a hummus company, many of our customers have asked us to carry it – because there are lots of reasons to keep a tub of hummus (a.k.a. hommus) in the fridge. Protein-rich hummus—a creamy blend of chickpeas and tahini (sesame paste) flavored with lemon juice and garlic—is a staple in the Mediterranean, where it is traditionally served as part of a meze platter with bread or vegetables for dipping. We use it the same way, dipping veggies in it (instead of fatty creamy dressings) or spreading some in a whole-wheat pita along with leftover roasted veggies. It’s a great take-to-work snack or lunch.

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